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The pressure of the Pontiac Wheel Lug Nut against the wheel is what holds this rotating device in place so you can smoothly roll down the road. On most of the Pontiacs that were ever produced there were 5 wheel lug nuts on each wheel. There were a few of the lighter weight and smaller vehicles made with only 4 of them, but they are rare.

The shape of the wheel lug nuts is unique for use on your vehicle. One side has a typical flat surface with the opposing side being beveled. This bevel surface of the Pontiac wheel lug nuts make it possible for a small portion of the nut to be inside of the wheel itself. This makes it possible for the nut to be locked down into place preventing it from becoming loss when at the proper torque.

The wheel lug nuts are evenly spaced around the surface of the wheel and are mounted on the wheel studs that are fixed on the wheel hubs. The only problem a Pontiac owner might encounter with this locking mechanism is if it is striped when it is being put into place on the wheel stud. This stripping is also called cross threading. This destroys the threads on both the nut and the stud. When this occurs the nuts cannot be securely tightened in place on the vehicle on the wheel has a chance of vibrating lose. Replacement of both auto components is then required for safety reasons.

If during an inspection of your Pontiac it is noticed that one or more of the wheel lug nuts is missing, it has to be replaced immediately or the wheel could vibrate lose and come off of the vehicle.