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Why should you replace just one of your broken wheel lug studs?

One of the most important safety components on your car, truck or SUV are the wheel studs that secure your tires. These devices must be properly maintained at all times to insure that you have a safe mode of transportation for you and your family. If you are doing a routine tire rotation on your vehicle and you notice difficulty when removing the lug nuts then this situation must be corrected as soon as possible. We rely on these components to maintain the security of our wheels when we are traveling down the road at a high rate of speed. If a wheel becomes loose or possibly comes off the vehicle then extensive damage will occur. This situation makes it impossible to control your automobile and could result in a serious accident. If you have any reason to believe that there may be an issue with the lug studs on your car or truck it must be eliminated immediately. Some people have the philosophy that just one lug stud broken on a wheel is not important. Vehicles are designed with the appropriate number of lug nuts for a reason based on the weight and design of the vehicle and all of them need to be serviceable.

Are wheel lug studs really that important?

New Wheel Lug StudsWheel studs are made from harden steel due to the amount of stress applied to them during vehicle operation. They come in several different diameters and lengths based on the year, make, and model of the car or truck. Wheels have anywhere from four to as many as ten lug nuts depending on the weight and design of the vehicle. Older Chrysler products had different wheel studs based upon the location on the vehicle. The ones on the left side of the vehicle utilized a left handed thread design. The ones on the right side had a right handed thread design.

The easy way or the hard way.

Replacing wheel studs can encounter several different requirements depending on the car, truck or SUV you are working on. Some of them are pressed into the hub assembly and others have a threaded design. You should consult technical data if it is not easily identifiable how the ones on your vehicle are configured. The first step of this process is to place the vehicle on jack stands, remove the tire and evaluate the situation. If they threaded into the hub or rotor assembly then they can be removed and replaced relatively easy. You would begin by applying a generous amount of penetrating oil and let it soak in good before starting this task. Then you use the double nut method to remove them. If they are pressed in you can knock the old one out with a hammer and pull the new one thru using a nut and a series of washes as spacers.

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When purchasing the lug studs there are several things to consider such as the wheels. If there are custom wheels on the car or truck the studs may be different from those for stock wheels. This will in some circumstances change the length requirement and you may did to measure one to confirm it. Car Parts Discount will have exactly what you need weather modifications have been completed or not. CPD has every size and shape lug stud and custom lug nuts for custom wheels that you will ever need for all of your vehicles.