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Little thought is given to the Chevrolet wheel lug studs until one fails. This is a rare occurrence but can happen after years of operation. The most likely time a wheel lug stud will fail is when an inexperienced technician is using an impact gun when mounting the wheels on the car. If there is too much force in the air gun, the wheel lug studs can be snapped off and they will have to be replaced. The wheel lug studs can also snap off if the wheel lug nut, which is attached to it holding the wheel on, has rusted and removal is very difficult. The reason the Chevrolet wheel lug studs can snap off is due to metal fatigue. This is a characteristic of the metal used for this component that will become brittle over a long period of time. Most of the Chevrolet owners will never have to worry about replacing the wheel lug studs on their car over its lifetime. When purchasing this part for your Chevrolet a measurement of the old stud is required. Its diameter and length have to be known along with the type of thread used on your model of car. It is true today that there are very few variations of the wheel lug stud being used, but it is better to check than take a chance when ordering this item. This way you know for sure all of your lug nuts will be the same on the wheel and the possibility of cross threading one is significantly reduced. The Chevrolet owners do not have to worry about which direction the lug nuts are tightened, but that is not true for all American made cars. In the past a few manufacturers used reverse threading on one side of the vehicles. It was said to be done for safety purposes.