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The all important Dodge wheel lug studs are what keep your wheels attached to the vehicle. This simple little piece of metal makes it possible to remove the wheels and tires when necessary so maintenance can be performed. It was on the Dodge and other Chrysler models of the past that had two types of thread patterns for the wheel lug studs on their vehicles. This was a safety precaution to help keep the nuts from coming loose. One side had normal threading on the wheel lug studs while the other side had reverse threading on them. Today all of the Dodge wheel lug studs are of standard normal threads. You would have to need to own a 1960's era car or truck to need reverse threaded lugs. The number of Dodge wheel lug studs on your vehicle is dependent on its weight. The heavier the vehicle the more wheel lug nuts are used to mount the wheels. The fewest number is four per wheel while the highest number on passenger car and trucks does not usually exceed eight. Five is the typical number. The only incidences where the wheel lug studs would need replacing are if the threading is striped when the nut is being put on it wrong or too much torque is being applied to them when the wheel is being mounted to the vehicle and they snap off. On a rare occasion, rust has accumulated on the studs on older vehicles that have sat in a garage for years and this part might have to be cut off and replaced. It is the simple little lug studs and the nuts that hold your wheels on the car so they do not go flying off when you are traveling down the road. They are very inexpensive but very important.