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The Ford wheel lug stud is one of the least expensive components on your vehicle, but that does not mean it is not also very important. This little threaded shaft of metal is what each wheel is mounted to which permits your vehicle to literally roll down the road. To hold the wheels on the wheel lug studs are threaded acorn nuts. With the appropriate amount of torque being applied to them when the wheels are mounted, they should remain in place on your Ford until they are forced off by a wrench. On average the Ford wheel lug studs will last the lifetime of your vehicle. Their replacement is only required when they are sheared off during an accident, if the threads on the wheel lug studs become cross threaded when the nut is improperly put on, or the stud snaps off from excessive force when the nut is being tightened by an inexperienced technician who is working on your Ford vehicle. The number of wheel lug studs on each mounting point of your Ford vehicle will vary on the exact model you are driving. The fewest is four and the most on the larger passenger trucks is up to about nine. The number of wheel lug studs you have from the factory must be maintained at all time so the wheel will remain securely mounted to the vehicle. With just one stud broken or missing, the chances of the wheel becoming lose and falling off increases. This is not only a safety hazard but a situation no driver would like to experience when operating a motor vehicle on the roads of America.