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How can you tell when your wheel seals need to be replaced?

A wheel spindle seal is one of the smallest parts on a car but it is important for holding the spindle and hub together to keep the wheel on the car. The main purpose of the seal is to join the parts together while preventing contamination of the parts by foreign objects. The seal may need to be replaced if you hear a grinding sound or loose feeling near the wheels. They may break over time or become damaged by road debris. A worn seal may cause poor handling and other difficulties controlling the car. This is because water, dirt, or other pieces of debris have gotten in between the seal and spindle. They are an important part of the drivetrain of a vehicle including the driveshaft, constant velocity axle shafts, wheel hubs and wheel bearings. If you suspect that the wheel spindle seal has worn out on your vehicle, it is important to replace it as soon as possible to avoid the chances or an accident or further damage to your vehicle.

Wheel seals, axle seals, spindle seals, etc.

New Wheel Spindle SealWheel spindle seals are usually made from a combination of stainless steel and neoprene, and fit between the spindle and the inner wheel bearing. Like any seal they predate the invention of the car and are generally used to hold two mechanical pieces together. They can be found many different types of mechanical parts. They are almost always round in shape and sort of look similar to a small doughnut. They are small and generally fairly light. Each one is specially designed to meet the exact specifications required for the unique tolerances of your vehicle and they are not interchangeable between models. They are very important and should be replaced whenever you are doing a job involving the wheel spindle. They are produced today all over the world by a wide variety of auto parts manufacturers.

For the D.I.Y.-er.

Changing a wheel spindle seal would probably only be done with the changing the wheel spindle itself. There are some basic instructions below for changing the part. As always be sure to consult a shop manual or take the car to a mechanic to have this type of work done to your car.
  • The car would need to be jacked. Remove the wheel, as well as the brakes and hub if necessary.
  • Carefully pull the seal and wheel bearing using the appropriate tools.
  • Replace your bearing if necessary, lubricate your new seal, and install them both.
  • Use a rubber hammer to pound the wheel spindle seal into place.
  • Replace the hub, brakes, and wheel.

We've got you covered.

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