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Wheel Well Opening Molding

Aftermarket & OEM Wheel Well Opening Molding

Some parts aren't vital to a car's performance but the car would not be the same without them. Wheel well moldings often become scuffed, dull, dented or rusty over time. They can also fall off the car creating a hazard for other drivers. Beyond that they are a great cosmetic addition and look odd if one or two are missing. New wheel well molding sets are a great way to enhance the appearance of your car. They are cosmetic accents that can easily be installed. It is important to order moldings that are specifically designed for your vehicle though.

Since the first cars were built, owners have attempted to individualize their cars. Chrome became an early way to ornament cars. The pinnacle of the use of chrome arguably came to the United States in the 1950s. Wheel well moldings began to be used to highlight the wheel openings. Their popularity led them to be offered as original equipment on many cars in the 1960s through the 1980s. The moldings highlighted the lines of the car and gave the car a great deal of presence as it rolled down the road. They are usually made from polished aluminum or stainless steel to prevent rust and give off a slightly shiny look. Generally they run the length of the wheel well opening and are less than an inch thick. Some aftermarket designs may be a couple inches thick and very brightly polished. Wheel well moldings are less common on more modern cars but are still sometimes used for a custom look.

Wheel well moldings are relatively simple to install but they tend to be very fragile and it may be best to have a professional install them. Here are some basic instructions:
  • First carefully unwrap and handle the moldings taking care to not bend or scratch them.
  • Right and left and front and rear are usually different parts so line them up and make sure they are for the correct wheel well opening.
  • Line up the moldings in with the holes in the fender. Use the screws and carefully screw the moldings into place.
  • There may be a rubber gasket used in between the fender and the molding.
  • The moldings should fit tight and flush once installed.
We carry a great selection of wheel well moldings from great manufacturers like Dynacorn and OER. They are great reproductions with an original equipment look and fit and will last as long as your originals did. For many vehicles we have them available individually or as a set of four. We carry other parts like emblems, door handles, and window moldings to add the finishing touch to your restoration. Treat your classic to new moldings and add the finishing touch to make your car look like it just rolled out of the showroom.