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Window Felt Beltline Sweep

Aftermarket & OEM Window Felt Beltline Sweep

Many folks don't know the name of those pieces of weatherstrips that install on the door shell and sweep the window glass as it goes up and down. They go by many names: window sweeps, window felt, beltline molding, and beltline weatherstrips. That isn't too confusing, right? But no matter what you call them, these trim pieces provide a valuable service to your car by protecting the internal components of your door; mainly your window regulator, handle, lock mechanism, and speaker if there's on there. If you were to suffer water damage to the inside of your door because the window sweeps were old and/or missing, it could cost you hundreds of dollars to fix all those other parts. But for what would be a fraction of the price, you could replace the beltline weatherstrips and rest worry-free that the next time it rained or snowed your door would be protected.

Door weatherstripping is something that has come a long way since the start of automobile production, but there have been few advancements over the most recent decades. Almost all door seals are made from EPDM or silicone, and their purpose has always been to protect against water damage, reduce road and wind noise while driving, and to keep the metal body pieces from rubbing against each other as the chassis moves around. Window sweeps are very rigid pieces of weatherstripping, and usually contain a felt or brush-like surface on the window glass side that helps keep dust and debris out of the door as the window goes up and down. They are also reinforced by a plastic or metal bar to help them keep their shape.

Installing a new set of beltline moldings is really easy. They usually snap right in along their inside or outside edge. Some will have clips or claws molded into the ends that will grab a piece of the door shell making them snug and tight. As a result, removing it can be a challenge. So be sure you do not scratch your door's painted surface when taking out your old window sweeps. Often times, a plastic spackle knife will help with removal.

There comes a time in every good car's life when its weatherstrips need to be replaced. After all, if the car is worth keeping for a long time then it will outlive the rubber seals that it has. That's why we at Car Parts Discount carry complete beltline weatherstrip and window felt kits for hundred of vehicles. If you have gone online to find a great deal on quality weatherstrips made by some of the industry's top manufacturers, then look no further than CPD. Buy today, and save time and money on your restoration.