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Symptoms of a broken power window motor.

Are you thinking about replacing your power window motor? Have you been trying to move one of your windows up or down with no luck? And when you press your window switch button on your door panel do you hear the window motor working or is it quiet? If toggling your window switch doesn't make the glass move and the motor stays completely silent, the next step would be to test your switch to make sure it's closing the circuit. If the switch works on other windows that you know function properly, then you've got yourself a dead power window motor. Given enough time, any car is going to need a new power window motor. Typically, the driver's side motor wears out first since it is used the most. They have a finite lifespan, and eventually will become inoperable if used too many times. Of course there is no harm in driving your car or truck without a functioning power window motor, and about the only inconvenience you would expect to encounter from a window that won't move up or down is an exposure to the weather outside. Still, you want to get that fixed as soon as possible.

Power window regulators and motors: a brief history.

New Power Window MotorsPower window regulators were invented in the late 1950's, offered as retrofits for manual regulators for existing vehicles. They first found their way into production luxury vehicles in 1963; however the power window motor was permanently attached to the regulator assembly. It could not be replaced modularly. It did not take long for large manufacturers to realize the flaw in this design, and that building a window regulator with a serviceable motor would save time and money for any installer or technician. Within a decade, power window motors could be detached and replaced while keeping the original window regulator. This is still the design today, while current power window motors are regulated by a controller that governs the speed it moves, the height to which it raises and lowers, and even stops if an object is detected in the path of the window glass.

Fix it yourself!

The procedure for replacing your power window motor includes all the same steps as replacing the entire regulator itself. It's not a terribly difficult job, but does require the right experience and tools. Since each car and truck are different, the steps below are for informative purposes only - you may be able to skip some, or encounter others during the replacement of your power window motor.
  • First, disconnect the battery. This prevents accidental electrocution - always a plus.
  • Next, remove the door panel and window switch. You should unplug the window switch from the regulator motor controller at this time too.
  • Now you should have a good view of the regulator. If not, there might be an access panel or two that you have to remove.
  • Prepare the window glass for the removal of the regulator. This is different for every car, but usually the glass can be taped to the door shell to keep it in place. We recommend the safest method possible; some people put a dowel, shim, or block of wood in the door shell to prop it up.
  • Make sure the glass is safely in place, and then remove the window regulator. If it is possible to remove just the power window motor, you can do that. However it is usually easier to perform this replacement with the regulator out of the door.
  • The last step is to simply replace your old motor with the new one, and you are done. Just re-install all the other components, reconnect the battery, and enjoy moving your window up and down.

We've got you covered.

When seasons change, the last thing any driver would want to endure would be a faulty power window motor. It would keep the window glass from rolling up to protect from rain, or rolling down to cool off passengers. So buying a new power window motor should be as easy as possible. At Car Parts Discount, we offer new replacement and rebuilt power window motors for thousands of vehicles. Our low prices and fast shipping make ordering and getting your new power window motor painless, so don't delay.