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Some components on your car, truck or SUV can't be seen but serve an important purpose and one of those are windshield molding clips and screws. The accent pieces on your vehicle must be properly secured or damage may occur. If you notice that the windshield trim appears to be forming gaps that weren't there before then its security is being compromised and there is an issue that needs immediate attention. These gaps can permit water to have an access point and if not corrected immediately then several issues may develop. When water sits below the windshield, it creates an ideal place for rust to form and expand that may lead to extensive damage. Water and rust will decrease the integrity of the windshield seal which could develop leaks and affect windshield security that becomes a safety issue. The windshield trim is subject to a lot of wind pressure during vehicle operation and may be damaged if it is not secured properly. When several of the windshield clips and screws are defective the molding can fly off while driving creating several safety related issues. With proper preventive maintenance and repairs to body trim, your automobile appearance is enhanced and unpleasant situations are avoided.

Windshield molding clips and screws come in various lengths to function correcting for the specific application required. The screws are used to mount moulding clips to your car, truck or SUV in a secure manner. The clips provide a secure mounting point for the windshield. Automotive body clips must be installed securely and the clip screws play an important role in this process. Properly maintained accent pieces enhance the appearance of your car. Damaged or missing moldings downgrades the appearance of a vehicle tremendously. The molding clip screws are essential in the process of preventing this issue.

Replacing windshield molding clip screws will require you to remove the windshield molding to accomplish this goal. It must be removed very carefully because it is easily damaged and in some circumstances special trim removal tools are a great advantage to this process. Most windshield trim has four corner pieces that must be removed first to access the rest of the trim pieces. After the trim is out of the way you should apply penetrating oil to the clip screws to prevent damaging them when you take them out. Make sure you use the specific screw driver size that snugly fits the screw head because they can be stripped if you don't. Any screws that break will have to be drilled out and you want to avoid that. After installing the new windshield clips and screws and securing them properly the trim can be reinstalled. You need to insure that it is seated onto the clips correctly and securely in place.

When purchasing windshield molding clips and screws, they have to be specific to the application to function as they are required to. Quality OEM replacement parts result in quality repair accomplishment. We need dependable transportation because life demands it for us to function and get where we need to go. Car Parts Discount is an online automotive warehouse that insures you quality parts, service, and satisfaction. CPD is your outlet for any automotive needs.