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Some things that appear to be just cosmetic on your car, truck, or SUV serve other purposes, and a prime example of this is the windshield reveal molding. It doesn't just make your vehicle look better; it also protects the proper sealing of the windshield. The first indicator is fading and pealing depending on the construction. Early detection and replacement is very important because if it deteriorates it can cause more extensive issues. At some point it can fall out; exposing the windshield sealant that secures the windshield in place. This creates the ideal environment for water to be contained and develop rust on the metal surface surrounding the windshield that can lead to extensive repair requirements. The combination of rain, snow, and sun causes the windshield reveal molding to deteriorate over time, and it should be replaced when it is discovered to eliminate further damage. This condition downgrades the appearance of your automobile and also decreases its value. Immediate replacement is beneficial because if this issue is allowed to persist then the end result will not be a pleasant one. Preventive maintenance and repairs through early detection are very important to keep your vehicle in good working condition.

Windshield reveal molding comes in several different variations designed to application requirements specifically for each automobile. They may be constructed using rubber, plastic, or metal. Some use a combination of materials to accomplish the appropriate appearance and function. They may be secured in several different fashions using metal clips, adhesive, or slotted grooves. Manufactures look for the option that is the best fit for each make and model. Chrome is used when cars and trucks have other chrome features. Black rubber or plastic may be a better option if other components follow this concept. In some cases windshield reveal molding is a combination of materials.

The replacement process for windshield reveal molding varies depending on the make and model of the vehicle. You must evaluate your specific situation very carefully to positively identify that you are working with reveal molding and not a windshield seal. Replacing a windshield seal is a completely different process and the windshield must be removed. Molding is usually identified by the use of corner clips that hold it in place. Some applications may require special tools to complete this task properly depending on the automobile. Remove one of the corner moldings and you can better evaluate the removal requirements. After the old windshield reveal molding is removed then any residue must be removed prior to installing the new molding. This is an ideal time to inspect the condition of the windshield security and repair if required. The new windshield reveal molding may use a 3M adhesive strip or just snap into place easily depending on the specific design.

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