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The ability of the Chevrolet Windshield Wiper Blades to clear a visual path for the driver to see the road is more than just something that is nice, it is necessary for the vehicle to be operated safely on the road.

There are two Chevrolet windshield wiper blades on all vehicles made by this manufacture. Each one is connected to a windshield wiper blade arm so it can move across the windshield in a back and forth motion. Each of the windshield wiper blades are manufactured by utilizing both polymer and metal components for use on your Chevrolet.

The polymer section of the windshield wiper blades is what contacts the glass windshield directly that clear the visual path for the driver. This polymer is soft and flexible and can conform to the curvature of the windshield so the entire surface area the blade pass over can be cleared away of any obstruction. Because of the polymer the blades are constructed from will harden over time, their periodic replacement will be required by the Chevrolet owner.

If the polymer section of the blades become too brittle because they were left on the vehicle beyond their life expectancy, then it will break off. This will expose the metal component of the wiper blade to the glass windshield. Unlike the polymer section that will not damage the glass, the metal portion of the windshield wiper blades will scratch the surface area it makes contact with. If the blades are turned on when there is little to no polymer in place, the scratch will then be made across the entire windshield. This is an undesirable effect of an owner not heeding to the periodical maintenance schedule for the replacement of parts on their Chevrolet.