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The simple Jeep Windshield Wiper Blades will remove the moisture and mud that will accumulate on your viewing screen so you can see the path in front of you. There are two mounted to the windshields on all Jeeps.

The curvature of the Jeeps windshield is closely followed by the polymer section of the windshield wiper blades. This is by design so the cleanest possible viewing screen is created with each swipe of these clearing components. The problem with the windshield wiper blades that will occur in time is the hardening of the polymer section of them. When this situation happens on the Jeep windshield wiper blades, they can no longer keep contact with the windshield on the entire sweeping action they were designed to do. They will also develop cracks in them and could lose section that will expose the metal component of the windshield wiper blade to the glass windscreen.

When the metal section of the wiper blades are exposed to the glass windshield and the system is activated, a scratch will be created across the windscreen where contact is made. This vastly increases the repair cost of having a clear view of the road for the driver to see in front of the vehicle. To help prevent this damaging event from occurring, the replacement of the windshield wiper blades should be placed on the periodical maintenance schedule for early in the spring of each year. This is when the harsh environment of the winter months is behind the vehicle so it will not be exposed to the dry cold air that damages the polymer section the greatest. This will provide the driver of the Jeep with a clear view of the path in front of them for the longest possible time during the year.