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The clear path the Kia Windshield Wiper Blades provide for the driver to see is only for a limited time. After the polymer sections of the windshield wiper blades are exposed to the harsh conditions experienced by vehicles on the road throughout the year, they will become damaged.

The windshield wiper blades are designed to follow the contour of the windshield as they cross across it. This is made possible by the polymer section of the Kia windshield wiper blades and its ability to remain flexible. In time this polymer will become hard and possible crack. This will have a negative effect on its ability to clear a visual path for the driver to see out of the Kia windshield.

What damages the polymer sections of this auto part include the UV rays from the sun and the long cold days and night in the winter season. Both negatively affect the ability of the polymer to remain flexible and the reason the windshield wiper blades have to be periodically replaced on your Kia.

When a driver or owner of a Kia does not periodically check the polymer on the blades that clean the windshield, they could be damaged and causes severe damage to the windshield. This will occur when the metal components of the windshield wiper blades make contact with the glass windshield. When this system is active, a groove will be developed in the glass across the entire windscreen. This will dramatically increase the repair cost of providing a clear view of the pathway ahead of the vehicle for the driver of the vehicle to see when it is in motion. With periodic inspections this situation can be avoided.