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The sweeping action of the Land Rover Windshield Wiper Blades is what clears a visual path for the operator of the vehicle to see the road. The windshield wiper blades are long and thin components that are comprised of both metal and polymer components.

The metal part of the Land Rover windshield wiper blades is the structural component of this auto part. Its only task is to keep the polymer section in place and in shape so it will keep in contact with the glass windshield during all conditions. The polymer section of the windshield wiper blades is soft and flexible. This allows for it to make direct contact with the glass and not damage it in any manner on your Land Rover.

The metal sections of the windshield wiper blades will hold it structural integrity for the lifetime of the Land Rover without the need of replacement. This is not true for the polymer section. Because it is soft and flexible, it is negatively affected by the environmental conditions it is exposed to on the exterior of the Land Rover. With exposure to the sun's UV rays the polymer will become harder as time passes. This is why it will develop cracks in it and not be able to follow the contour of the windshield causing streaks to be left behind when the blades are being used by the driver. When this condition is present, the windshield wiper blades should be replaced. If the old worn ones are left on the Land Rover too long, then eventually the metal section of them will make contact with the glass damaging it. The visual path the driver has available to them will also be impaired.