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The clearing power of the Lexus Windshield Wiper Blades provide for a clear view of the pathway ahead of your luxury vehicle so obstacles can easily be avoided. This is a moving component that crosses your windshield so any moisture or debris, like bugs, can be easily cleared away by the driver without them having to leave the vehicle.

The portion of the windshield wiper blades that comes in direct contact with the glass windshield of your Lexus is the polymer section. This is a flexible and soft part of the windshield wiper blades that does the actual clearing so a visual path in front of the vehicle can easily be seen by the driver and passengers of the vehicle.

Just like all other polymer components on your Lexus, this section of the windshield wiper blades will wear out and be in need of replacing in time. Factors involved in this part wearing out include the amount of direct sun light that comes in contact with them along with the environmental conditions the vehicle is exposed to during the year. It is the UV rays from the sun that help to dry out the polymer. The cold and dry winter air also has this negative effect on them.

If the Lexus windshield wiper blades are not periodically inspected for damage, the metal portion of them can be exposed to the glass windshield when the polymer sections dry out and fall off. This will permanently damage the windshield making the need for it to also be replaced. This will vastly increase the repair cost instead of just replacing the inexpensive windshield wiper blades when they wear out on your Lexus.