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The Pontiac Windshield Wiper Blades provide the means in which a clear visual path ahead of the vehicle can be seen by the driver. These devices are considered to be a safety device so obstructions on the road ahead can be seen and avoided by the driver of the Pontiac.

On most Pontiacs there are two windshield wiper blades that are mounted just below the front of the windshield. This placement is made so the maximum amount of the windshield can be cleared away with a single stroke of the blades.

There are two different types of material that make up the windshield wiper blades. There is the polymer component that makes contact with the windshield that remains flexible for a period of time. The metal part of this device is the structure on which is keeps it form.

The metal portion of the Pontiac windshield wiper blades should last the lifetime of the vehicle while it is being operated. It is the polymer section that comes in contact with the windshield that will dry out and crack. This is due to the rays of the sun and the dryness of the air in the colder winter months across America. When these cracks are formed, polymer sections break off. This exposes the metal structural unit of the windshield wiper blades to be exposed to the glass. It they are not replaced before the windshield clearing device is activated, the glass will become scratched.

It is recommended to replace the windshield wiper blades annually, generally in the spring time. This will help the Pontiac owner to avoid the consequences of the metal portion scratching their windshield when this unit is active while driving down the road.