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The Saturn Windshield Wiper Blades provide a reliable way for making sure the driver of the vehicle can clearly see the path in front of them. The windshield wiper blades provide this by having both metal and polymer materials in its makeup.

On every Saturn that has been made the windshield wiper blades move in a sweeping motion across the windshield. This requires this component to be both flexible and stiff so it can perform this duty when called upon to do so. The reason for the need of flexibility is so the blades can make direct contact with the glass windshield without leaving a permanent mark on it. This makes it possible for the Saturn windshield wiper blades to follow the curvature of the glass as it moves across the surface.

The stiffness required of the windshield wiper blades must be in place so the flexible polymer component will be held firmly against the glass. This makes it possible for the blades to clear the outer portion of the windshield of moisture and small debris so the driver of the Saturn can have a clear view of the road.

With exposure to the sun's rays and inclement weather conditions the vehicle experiences throughout the year, the polymer section of the windshield wiper blades will lose their ability to be flexible and become brittle. When this occurs the metal sections of the wiper blades can make contact with the glass windshield. If activated in this status, damage can occur to the windshield.

To prevent damage from occurring, the wiper blades on Saturn vehicle should be routinely replaced. The most common time for this is in the early spring when the greatest frequency of rain falls.