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There is nothing like the clean swipe from the Subaru Windshield Wiper Blades to help the driver see the road ahead of them. This can only happen when the polymer sections of the windshield wiper blades are still flexible and can properly follow the contour of the windshield.

The longevity of the polymer sections of the Subaru windshield wiper blades is determined by the conditions it is subjected to over time. With each winter season and the dryness of the air, the windshield wiper blades lose some of their flexibility. The sun's UV rays also do damage to them. This combination of environmental conditions makes it a requirement for the windshield wiper blades to be periodically replaced for them to be in a functioning status on your Subaru.

When the windshield wiper blades are not periodically replaced on time, the metal structural section of it will then be exposed to the glass windshield. If this system is activated when the polymer sections are damaged, the glass can be scratched permanently on your Subaru.

To help prevent the damage from occurring to the glass that makes up your windshield, a periodical inspection of this polymer section should occur. This can be done the same time the drive belts and hoses under the hood are inspected for wear.

To help make sure the windshield wiper blades are always in proper working condition, many of the Subaru owners replace them at the beginning of each spring season. This way they can provide a clear view of the road ahead for the longest period of time before wear occurs from the harsh environmental conditions they will be exposed too.