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Providing a clear path for the driver is the purpose of mounting the Volvo Windshield Wiper Blades to the front section of the passenger compartment. There are two of the windshield wiper blades mounted on the outside so when activated they can sweep across the windshield and clear off any moisture or small debris that might have come in contact with the windscreen on your Volvo.

The ability of the Volvo windshield wiper blades to make such a clean sweep of the windscreen is due to the polymer section of it. This is a soft yet firm material that will adhere to the contour of the windshield in the sweeping action the wipers perform. In time with exposure to the elements encountered by the windshield wiper blades along with the rest of your Volvo, the polymer will begin to dry out. This is when c racks in this component will appear. The driver will become aware of this condition when streaks are left behind when the windshield wiper blades are activated. The only solution is the replacement of these clearing components.

The danger of not replacing the windshield wiper blades when they are no longer properly clearing the visual path for the driver to see the road is that the polymer will start to come apart and fall off. This will expose the glass windshield to the metal structural sections of the wiper blades. If the wipers are active when the blades are in this deteriorated condition, the glass windshield will become permanently scratched.

To help prevent permanent damage from happening to the windshield the wiper blades can be replaced in the spring of each year. This not only will protect the glass, but also provide a clear visual path for the driver of the Volvo to see during the heavy spring rains that fall each year.