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The electrical Chevrolet Windshield Wiper Motor is a self contained unit that is only called upon to operate in inclement weather conditions so the driver can see the path in front of them. The location of the windshield wiper motor is on the top portion of the fire wall under the hood of your Chevrolet at one of the bases of a wiper blade unit. It is connected to the other wiper blade by a set of levers so both of them will work in unison.

If your windshield cleaning unit is not operating and the windshield wiper motor is suspected in failing, it can be easily tested. With the unit on, one of the wiper blades can be assisted in moving. If this kick starts the motor, then the windings in the windshield wiper motor are weak and this component on your Chevrolet should be replaced.

If the motor on this unit cannot be kicked started by manually moving the wiper blades, then the power wire to it should be tested with a volt meter to ensure there is power, just no action by the windshield wiper motor. If there is an electrical current to it but still no action by the motor, then again this component should be replaced for the windshield wipers to work once again on your Chevrolet.

If no power is reaching the Chevrolet windshield wiper motor when the switch is on, the fuse should be checked along with the switch itself to see if one of these components is faulty. A faulty fuse can be seen visual but the windshield wiper switch should be tested by a voltage meter at its connections. If one side of the connections shows no power, the other side should then be tested to make sure the faulty part is not the connector.