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Aftermarket & OEM Balance Shaft Belt Tensioner

If you are experience noise being exhibited from the area of the timing cover on your inline motor you may have a defective balance shaft belt tensioner. This situation is normally extremely noticeable during start-up and shut-down of the engine. This malfunction will progress and become noticeable during all phases of operation at some point. When the balance shaft drive system incorporates a belt to drive it then it will become damaged and eventually break which can lead to severe issues. In some applications this belt is also the drive source for the oil pump assembly. When an oil pump ceases to function, then serious damage to the motor will result. Early detection and replacement of a defective balance belt tensioner is essential to avoid more extensive repair requirements.

Balance shaft belt tensioners are essential to the appropriate operation of the balance shafts and belt in an inline motor. Depending on the configuration of the engine they may facilitate multiple functions and in many applications they are the drive pulley as well. Smooth balance shaft operation is essential to reduce vibrations developed during the internal combustion process. They generate a counter force that opposes the constant up and down motion created by piston operation in an inline motor. This stabilizes the engine assembly and eliminates unwanted vibration.

The complexity level of replacing a balance shaft belt tensioner is determined by the car, truck, or SUV involved in the process and the drivetrain configuration as well. It is essential to obtain the appropriate technical data to guide you through this procedure. This creates an ideal opportunity to replace the timing belt and tensioner in conjunction with this procedure. The life span on all of these components is similar making this a very important preventive maintenance practice.

A component that is vital to engine operation such as a balance shaft tensioner must be absolutely the best quality replacement part available. We depend on these devices to protect the engine from severe internal damage and total failure. Car Parts Discount is your one stop resource to purchase any automotive products that you need to accomplish quality repairs on all of your vehicles.