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Balance Shaft Seal

Aftermarket & OEM Balance Shaft Seal

Due to the large number of moving parts, internal combustion engines put out a lot of vibration. This vibration can also generate a lot of noise. Both end up entering the passenger compartment and making driving or riding in a car much less pleasant. Some engines are inherently unbalanced due to the size or design of the engine.

One solution to this problem was the installation of a balance shaft and with it the balance shaft seal. This device is mainly common in four cylinder engine cars which tend to be very rough, especially when revved hard. The larger the engine engine became the worse the vibrations so four cylinder engines remained small for many years. The shaft was original created by Frederick Lanchester in 1904. It did not become common on cars until the 1970s when it was Mitsubishi developed it for use in their new line of four cylinder vehicles which included a 2.6 liter version. The shaft rotates as the engine revs to help smooth out vibrations. Having a broken shaft or balance shaft seal can make for a very rough and noisy idle. The seal is usually seated on the end of the shaft outside the engine to protect it from water and dirt and allowing it to move.

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