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Select Your VehicleYou purchased your Omni because its reliable transport and versatility agreed with your nature; so why would you be okay with anything but the best when it comes to great quality auto parts? Obviously, you didn't buy your Omni unless you knew that you wanted power and great value both rolled up into one automobile. It's not every day that you realize that you have to buy a replacement Ball Joint for your vehicle. Auto enthusiasts know that a quality brand is built into each Dodge, and understand that only the best repair Omni parts will suffice when your car or truck needs fixing.

The function and purpose of Ball Joint.

If none of our cars or trucks had steering systems, then we'd all drive in a straight line. Inspired by our own human body, the Dodge Omni ball joint resembles the ball and socket joint that connects our upper arm to our shoulder. Ball joints are connected to each control arm, and are a vast improvement over king pins; which pivoted the front spindles left and right but did not allow for any movement inward or outward. Rather than turning the spindle on just one plane, ball joints provide room for your spindles to wobble or pivot up and down.

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