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Select Your VehicleAnyone who owns a Scion knows that when it comes to maintaining their automobile only the most superior replacement parts will do. Make no mistake, you bought your xA because you understood you would be getting Japanese engineering and youthfulness both impeccably combined into one vehicle. Scion automobile drivers have grown accustomed to a certain level of best-in-class value when driving their xA around town. The vehicle in your driveway is head and shoulders above the rest compared to all the other cars, trucks, and SUVs in today's marketplace.

What Ball Joint does for your vehicle.

If none of our cars or trucks had steering systems, then we'd all drive in a straight line. One key advancement from the 20th century that has improved how we steer is the Scion xA ball joint. Connected to our control arms, ball joints are a vast improvement over king pinsbecause they allow for rotation in three dimensions rather than just forward and backward. Rather than turning the spindle on just one plane, ball joints allow full flexibility for your vehicle.

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