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Chevrolet Classic Brake Drum

Your Classic is a prized possession.

Chevrolet automobile owners have become used to a certain level of dependability when driving their Classic around town. Obviously, you bought your Classic because you knew that you wanted performance and good looks both impeccably combined into one car, truck, or SUV. While it's not hard to find replacement parts for Chevrolet vehicles, these days only the absolute best are required to fix your automobile. It's not a regular occurrence that you realize that you have to buy a replacement Brake Drum for your vehicle.

Why Brake Drum replacement is so important.

The ability to stop your vehicle when you need it to stop is crucial to keeping you and your passengers safe. But it wasn't until a few decades after the first cars were produced that brake drums were invented. Your Chevrolet Classic brake drum is a large hollow cylinder, the interior surface of which the brake shoes press against to create the friction needed to slow down your vehicle. Drum brakes collect water in the bottom which can lead to slight inefficiencies, as well as become "out of round" because of the asymmetrical way the shoes apply friction to the inside when your Chevrolet Classic comes to a stop.

We've got what you are looking for.

Select Your YearWhen your Chevrolet needs the best replacement Brake Drum, there's no need to go somewhere besides the authority, Car Parts Discount. Bring your Classic back to life with the highest quality new or rebuilt parts from the experts at Car Parts Discount. At Car Parts Discount, we have live customer service members on the phone with enough expertise to help you purchase the appropriate Chevrolet Classic part for your project or repair. Chevrolet Classic Brake Drum parts for 2005, 2004 vehicles are available here... just click your year to find them.

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Chevy Classic Brake Drum, OEM: 2051R
Raybestos Brake Drum 2051R
38.95, Save 35%   NEW ITEM
OEM: 2051R, Item: 173902
3 In Stock, Usually ships within 1 business day

Chevrolet Classic
Chevy Classic Brake Drum, OEM: 122.62023/12262023
Centric Brake Drum 122.62023
31.25, Save 39%   NEW ITEM
OEM: 122.62023, Item: 369583
10 or More In Stock, Usually ships within 1 business day

Chevrolet Classic
Chevy Classic Brake Drum, OEM: BD125482
Wagner Brake Drum BD125482
26.25, Save 39%   NEW ITEM
OEM: BD125482, Item: 659940
1 In Stock, Usually ships within 1-2 business days

Chevrolet Classic
Auto Extra Brake Drum AX8939
21.85, Save 39%   NEW ITEM
OEM: AX8939, Item: 30174
10 or More In Stock, Usually ships within 1 business day

Chevrolet Classic
Bendix Brake Drum PDR0451
24.55, Save 39%   NO STOCK
OEM: PDR0451, Item: 580505
Restock date not known

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