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Dodge Brake Drum

There are two Dodge brake drums on the rear of each newer model if it does not have four wheel disc brakes. In the past there were some models made by Dodge that had four brake drums on them, but that type of braking system is no longer being used. The brake drums today, if used at all, are only fitted on the rear wheels of the car. On the inside of the Dodge brake drums is a smooth surface that the brake shoes make contact with. This is where the friction is applied to the braking system bringing the car to a stop. During a routine brake service of your Dodge, the surface of the brake drums should be inspected for grooves. These grooves are created when the brake shoes wear out and the rivets and backing plate of the shoes come in contact with this smooth surface. If grooves are present, the surface will have to be smoothed out by being turned on a lathe. There is a minimal thickness the brake drums must be to prevent the braking system from overheating. If the drums have been turned before, then their thickness should be checked as they could be approaching minimum effective thickness. If they will be too thin after being turned on a lathe, then replacement is the only option by the car owner. The overheating of the rear brakes will cause the shoes to glaze on the drum surface reducing the amount of friction it can produce. Because of this, the stopping potential of your Dodge will be adversely affected. In some instances brake failure will occur and an accident is possible if the brakes overheat.