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On today's models, Ford brake drums can only be found on the rear of the vehicle. This is an older style of braking system that is still in use today on some trucks and small cars, and provides very good braking especially with heavy loads trucks have to carry. The brake drums on all Fords are the contact point for the brake shoes to rub up against bringing your vehicle to a stop. Because of this contact, the inside surface of the brake drums has to remain as smooth as possible. If the rear brake shoes wear down to the point that the rivets or backing plate of the shoes makes contact with the brake drum's inner surface, grooves can be formed impairing the vehicles ability to stop. A driver of the Ford will know this is occurring when they hear a metal to metal grinding noise emanating from the rear wheels when the brakes are being applied. During a routine brake job the rear Ford brake drums will be pulled and inspected. At this time the amount of damage from the metal to metal contact can be observed and measured. In most instances the surface can be turned on a lathe making it smooth again. If this occurs repeatedly or the damage is too deep, the brake drums will have to be replaced on your Ford. The drums have to be thick enough to dissipate the heat of the braking action. When they are too thin, the brakes can overheat and the surface will become glazed impairing the brake system from stopping your vehicle. If the technician informs you the drums must be replaced, ask him what is the minimum specification and what your drums are currently at. This will let you know he actually measured them and is not just guessing.

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