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TRW Brake Line & Hose

TRW, a major original equipment and aftermarket supplier, has been in business for over a century. Though they have deep roots in the aerospace industry, their automotive division is responsible for some historical innovations; starting with the wheels on the Model T and extending through the years to develop such technologies as disc brakes, rack and pinion steering, keyless entry, and electric parking brakes. They also make brake master cylinders and boosters, brake calipers, ball joints, and other engine, chassis, and braking system components. In addition to manufacturing all of these quality auto parts, TRW provides excellent technical instructions and update bulletins to their customers and end users.

One of the most common items to fail within a brake system is the rubber brake hose. Sooner or later the rubber hose lines will start to harden and begin losing its flexibility. It is essential that the brakes receive proper inspection and maintenance to ensure a safe driving experience. Keep the roads a safer place with TRW brake lines.