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Just like other makes of cars, the Cadillac brake lines and hoses of your vehicle are made to transfer the braking power from the depression of the pedal to the wheels. That way, the driver can enjoy the control of the vehicle and safe stopping motion. The brake lines and hoses on your Cadillac connect the brake calipers to the master cylinder so a smooth and equal transfer of hydraulic fluid can be carried through them. This is the force that provides your car with the ability to stop its forward momentum. If there is a leak in a brake line or hose, the pressure in the brake system of your car will not be able to be maintained and air will leak into the system. Air is compressed at a higher rate than hydraulic fluid, and can be felt in the brake pedal by requiring it to travel further to obtain the same stopping force. When a leak from your Cadillac brake line and hose has gone unnoticed for too long of a period, brake failure is eminent. To prevent any types of brake failure on your Cadillac, inspection of the brake hoses should be done periodically. The lines can become rusted on the outside and inside when moisture is trapped in the system. This could cause a hole to develop which will appear as a wet dirt spot. The brake hoses are made out of reinforced polymer that cracks over time developing into a leak. The inspection of the brake lines is similar to those of your power steering lines. With the engine running, pressure should be applied to the brake pedal. If there is a leak, it will be squirting out of the hole due to the increased pressure in the line. If you notice this on your Cadillac, the brake part that has a leak should be replaced.