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Chrysler Brake Master Cylinder

The Chrysler brake master cylinder on your car is the component that compresses the hydraulic fluid and builds up the pressure so the braking system on your car can function properly. This brake component can be found under the hood of your vehicle on the driver's side of the firewall. If there is a problem with the brake master cylinder on your Chrysler, there could possibly be no leak for you to see. The only indication of a problem may potentially be in the way the brake pedal feels. The piston in the brake master cylinder can have a ruptured seal. This rupture causes the brake master cylinder to not have the ability to compress and hold the pressure on the brake fluid. Because of this the driver will be applying the brakes with the pedal, but the pedal will continue to travel to the floor. This is essentially akin to total brake failure on your Chrysler. A replacement of the old part with a new or rebuilt Chrysler brake master cylinder is the only way to resolve this situation. Once the old one is taken off and the new one put into place, the entire braking system should have the fluid changed. This is a process called bleeding the brakes. During this process the reservoir in the brake master cylinder will have to be replenished with new brake fluid periodically. With replenishment of fluid, the top should be secured so no leakage will occur each time. The brake bleeding process on your Chrysler should begin with the rear passenger side brake assembly. The next is the driver side rear brake then the front passenger side and finally the driver's side front. This process should remove any air that might have become trapped in this closed loop system.

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