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Dodge Brake Master Cylinder

It is your Dodge brake master cylinder that produces the pressure so your hydraulic brake system will be able to function for you. This is a mechanic device that pushes the hydraulic fluid in the lines and hoses to produce pressure. If air is present in this closed loop system, the brake pedal will feel soft because the air can be compressed to a greater degree than the brake fluid. The brake master cylinder on your Dodge is located on the driver's side of the firewall. If you have power brakes, it is mounted to the vacuum booster which supplies the assistance to the brake pedal to make compressing the hydraulic fluid easier for the driver. The symptoms of a brake master cylinder failing is when the brake pedal reaches the floor instead of holding pressure. This is due to the seepage of brake fluid past the seals in the Dodge brake master cylinder. This seepage will prevent the buildup of pressure in your brake lines and hoses. Unlike other seals that fail in which the brake fluid can be seen exiting the system, when the brake master cylinder seals leak, it is on the interior and will not show any signs on its exterior, under the hood of your Dodge. The only way to fix a failing brake master cylinder is to rebuild it or replace it with a new or rebuilt part. There are no temporary fixes. Once the seals in this component fully fail, you will have no hydraulic brakes at all on your Dodge. If that occurs the only manner in which the driver can stop their vehicle is to use the parking brake since it is a manual braking system on the vehicle.

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