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Aftermarket & OEM Brake Pad Grease

Not using brake pad grease can cause your brakes not to function properly or squeal every time you apply the brakes. When not being used, the brake pads do not always move next to the rotors so a complete and steady application of pressure against it can be made. This will cause uneven wear on the brake pads and premature wearing on them that will hasten their need for replacement. The use of brake pad grease is very common when a brake job is being carried out in a garage, but most owners are unaware of it when they do a brake job at home.

The two different types of brake pad grease include those for the assembly of the brakes components so the parts that should move, do move when required. The anti squealing lubricate is applied to the back side of the brake pads so when the brakes are applied, this brake pad grease will prevent the brake pads from vibrating. It is this small amount of movement when vibrating that causes the pads to make that annoying high pitch squealing sounds. Some manufactures of vehicles use a paper material in place of the grease that wear out in a short allotment of time.

When replacing the brake pads, the old brake pad grease will be mostly removed from the brake assembly. The only place any will exist is on the slides where the brake pads move in the calipers. There is a chance that some of the anti squealing brake pad grease will remain on the caliper near the piston and the opposite side where the pads make contact with the caliber also. This should be removed so a new application can be placed there for the best possible result.