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Brake Pressure Accumulator

Aftermarket & OEM Brake Pressure Accumulator

A brake pressure accumulator is a type of energy storage reservoir that holds excess brake fluid, under pressure, and allows fluid to either enter or exit the reservoir based on the needs of the brake system. It also assists in creating a smoother operation of the pump and other pressurizing components by keeping the system at the correct pressure in virtually any environment. The most common reason a brake pressure accumulator would need to be replaced is if it leaks and can no longer hold pressure or fluid. The can happen for a number of reason including a time-worn gasket or fitting, improper pressure setting causing a leak or blowout, and damage either by a collision or improper maintenance.

It?s typically made of metal, so it can hold highly pressurized fluids and not burst, and there may be multiple fittings attached to it depending on the application. They also usually have a round appearance, similar to a lightly inflated balloon. Brake pressure accumulators, and accumulators in general, have been in use for over a century used in many kinds of hydraulic systems for manufacturing equipment, tools, and different forms of transportation. Due the nature of hydraulic systems, the pressure through it needs to be flexible and constant at the same time. A device such as this, that can accept overflow as well as provide extra fluid, is necessary to ensure the precision operation of the system. Since this is a difficult part to replace, and it requires complex knowledge of hydraulic systems to both install and calibrate, we recommend a licensed mechanic perform the repair.