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Acura brake rotors and discs are the actual parts of your car that will bring your investment to a swift and safe stop. These are not only the auto parts that help you to stop but also slow down so you can make that curve and stay on the road. The longer your present brake rotors are on your car, the more wear they have on them. After a couple of brake jobs that involves the turning of the rotors and drums, the thickness of them will eventually be too thin to be effective under the loads your Acura will place on them. Not only does the thinness make the calipers and brake cylinder travel a greater distance, but the heat accumulated on the drum and rotors will be too high and the brakes could overheat. These are the reasons the brake rotors and discs have to be replaced from time to time. The main reason the brake discs have to be turned on a lathe is because some owners wait to do a brake job until they hear a grinding sound. That is the rivets or backing of the pads and shoes of the brakes rubbing against the rotors and drums. In other words metal to metal. The longer this occurs, the greater the damage and need for replacing these important parts. Ask your mechanic to check the thickness of the brake discs on your Acura before any brake job commences to make sure you will be safe on the road. If necessary the manufacturers of these quality disc brakes for your Acura include Brembo, Meyle, Beck Arnley, Raybestos to name a few. The correct Acura brake rotors and discs are available for all models, from 1986 to the present models.