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Your Cadillac brake rotors and discs are the place where pressure you apply to the brake pedal is used in order to stop your car by the use of a hydraulic system. Whenever a brake job is carried out by a technician on your vehicle, not only should all of the lines be checked for leaks and the pads and shoes inspected for wear but the brake rotors and discs should also be checked for wear and damage. Damage to the brake rotors and discs on your Cadillac can only occur when the brake pads wear past their replacement point. This is when the backing plates of the pads make direct contact brake rotors and discs causing them to gouge grooves in the otherwise smooth surface the discs must maintain. When this occurs to your Cadillac brake rotors and discs they must be resurfaced. This is done on a lathe and is sometimes referred to a turning the discs. The amount of the surface that must be removed is determined by the depth of the grooves on the surface. To help avoid this situation when visiting a mechanic?s shop the driver of the Cadillac should be aware of the warning sign. The indication that grooves in this surface are being created is when a grinding or metal to metal sound is heard when the brakes are being applied. If the grinding sound is ignored or occurred repeatedly before each of the Cadillac's brake jobs are conducted over the life of the car, then the replacing of the brake rotors and disc might be required. The replacement of this part is done because the thickness of the rotors has become too thin and the dispersion of the heat generated by the friction of the braking process cannot occur effectively. This could cause the brakes to overheat and fail.