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There is a Honda disc brake rotor on every wheel of your vehicle that has this type of braking system installed on it from the factory. This is the most efficient braking system in use today on any motor vehicle. The brake rotor's disc is the flat surface where the brake pads are pressed against to create the friction necessary for the wheels to be slowed down. This helps all Honda drivers control their vehicles. The brake rotors and discs have the wheels of the vehicle directly mounted to them, which is why the brake friction directly affects the speed of your vehicle. The most common manner in which the Honda brake rotors and discs are damaged is when the brake pads have been worn so excessively that the friction material is gone. Since the pads are mounted to metal backing plates, they can then come in direct contract with the brake discs when the padding material is worn away. This causes grooves to be cut into the rotors making the otherwise flat surface uneven. This can be heard by the driver of the Honda by a grinding noise from the front wheels when the driver applies pressure to the brake pedal. Once grooves are created in the surface area of the rotors, they will have to be removed or the new set of brake pads will wear excessively fast because of the uneven surface they are being forced to stop. This flattening and smoothing of the brake rotors is called turning. It is accomplished on a lathe where the metal surface is removed until they are smooth again. This also thins the discs and increase the heat generated during the braking procedure on your Honda car, so it cannot be done more than once or twice.