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Without the stopping power of the Hyundai brake rotors and discs, your vehicle would remain in motion when it is not desired. This type of braking system is the most efficient of its kind; and most popular as it is in use today on almost all cars and light trucks. On most Hyundai vehicles, the disc brake rotors are located on the front and rear wheel assemblies. This is the flat surface that the brake pads are forced up against in order for the wheels to be slowed down. Because of this, the flat surface area has to remain as flat as possible. The only way the flat surface of the brake rotors can be damaged is by worn out brake pads. When the padding is worn out, the metal backing plate of the pads comes in contact with the Hyundai brake rotors and discs causing grooves to be cut into them. When this occurs, the brake discs will have to be turned on a lathe to remove them. The problem with allowing the brake pads to wear to the point that they cut grooves in the surface of the rotors is that while this can be smoothed out and fixed, the process reduced the thickness of them. This reduces the cooling potential of the braking system on your Hyundai. There is a maximum amount of material that can be cut off of the disc surface of your brake rotors before they are too thin and will require the Hyundai owner to replace them. If that does not occur, then the braking system will overheat. This can cause the brake to seize and cause the driver of the vehicle to be in an accident.