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The Infiniti Brake Rotors and Discs are the braking component that the wheels are directly attached too. The two opposing sides of the brake rotors and discs are also the place the where the brake pads make contact with them in which friction is created to stop your Infiniti vehicle.

The opposing surfaces of the brake rotors and discs have to always be flat and smooth. This is necessary so the brake pads are worn slowing and evenly when pressure is being applied to slow the vehicle down. The only way these flat surfaces on the Infiniti brake rotors and discs can become damaged is when a routine brake job is not done on time.

The damage to the flat surfaces on the brake rotors and discs occurs when the brake pads are totally worn out and the metal backing plate they are attached too is exposed to the rotors surface. This condition announces itself to the driver by making a load grinding metal to metal noise when the brakes are being applied. This condition leaves grooves in the otherwise flat surfaces that will have to be removed at the next brake job. If that is not done then the next set of brake pads placed on your Infiniti will wear extremely fast and unevenly.

The replacement of the brake rotors and discs can be anticipated before they wear out by the owner of the vehicle by them keeping an eye on the brake fluid level in the brake master cylinder. The rear reservoir is for the front brake assemblies and when it appears to below, so are the brake pads. This is the time for an inspection of the brake pads on your Infiniti before any permanent damage can occur to the rotors.