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Without the Isuzu Brake Rotors and Discs having two flat and smooth surfaces on them the disc brake pads would wear out extremely fast. These two flat surfaces are on opposing sides of the brake rotors and discs so the pads can have pressure applied in an even manner to stop the forward progress of your Isuzu.

With proper care and maintenance of your Isuzu, the brake rotors and disc can last the lifetime of your vehicle. The most important part of this maintenance is the regular changing of the disc brake pads before they totally wear out. When the disc brake pads wear out and the padding material on them is gone, the hard metal backing plate they are attached too will come in contact with the brake rotors and discs when the brakes are applied by the driver of the vehicle. This creates a metal to metal contact that damages both braking components. The driver will become aware of this by the load grinding noise that will be emanating from the front wheel assemblies when the brakes are being applied.

To help prevent damage from occurring to the Isuzu brake rotors and discs, the owner can take preventative measures. The most important of these measures is to keep a close eye on the fluid level in the brake master cylinder. When the brake fluid in the rear reservoir of the master cylinder is getting low, this is an indication that the disc brake pads are worn and replacement will be required very soon. This allows for the brake pads to be replaced before they can damage the brake rotors and discs on your Isuzu, lowering the costs of your brake job.