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Brake rotors and discs may be located on the front and rear wheels of your Jeep. They have replaced the older style drum braking system for improved control over slowing your vehicle. By applying a great amount of friction to the flat surface on your Jeep brake rotors and discs, the ability to stop your forward momentum is head and shoulders above that of drums. Damage to your Jeep brake rotors and discs can only occur if the brake pads are allowed to be depleted and the metal backing plates they are mounted to come in contact with rotor. This can be heard when the brake pedal is being depressed and a metal to metal sound of grinding is coming from the wheels. This is the sound of grooves being cut into the brake rotors and discs. To help prevent this situation from occurring, the Jeep owner can keep a watchful eye on the brake fluid level in the brake master cylinder. As the fluid level drops, the piston in the brake caliper is moving outward. This occurs because of the wear on the brake pads. If the owner of the Jeep feels more fluid should be added, then it is time to check the condition of the brake pads to see just how must pad is left. By catching the brake pads before they wear down to the backing plate, the brake rotors and discs will not become damaged and the surface on them will remain flat. This permits the next brake job to consist only of replacing the brake pads and packing the wheel bearings since the brake rotors and discs will not need to be turned to remove the grooves that would otherwise be present on them.