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With flat and smooth surfaces on both sides of the Land Rover Brake Rotors and Discs, the disc brake pads will last for an extended period of time on your vehicle. It is this flat surface on the brake rotors and disc where the friction is created when the disc brake pads are forced against them to stop your Land Rover.

On all Land Rover models there is a set of brake rotors and discs on the front and on select models they are utilized also on the rear wheel assemblies. The reason for the necessity of the flat and smooth surfaces is so the brake pads will wear slower and the friction created by this contact will be more even and consistent.

The typical event that occurs which damages the Land Rover brake rotors and discs is when the disc brake pads are allowed to become worn out and all of the composite material on them is depleted. If this should occur on the Land Rover you are driving, you will become aware of this situation when you apply the brakes and a load metal to metal grinding sound is coming from the front wheel assemblies. This is the sound of the metal backing plates being forced against the brake rotors and discs carving up its otherwise flat and smooth surfaces.

If this does occur on the vehicle you own then expect the need to either have the brake rotors and discs turned to smooth out the grooves that were forced into its surfaces or replace them. Replacement is required if the grooves are too deep and the disc will be too thin after they are turned on a lathe.