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There are Mitsubishi disc brake rotors on the front of all of these vehicles and on the rear of many models. This is the most advanced type of braking system used on any type of motor vehicle today. Each brake rotors has a flat surface where the brake pads are forced against them to stop your Mitsubishi. The force that pushes the brake pads against the disc surface of the brake rotor comes from the pistons inside the brake calipers. These are considered a type of slave cylinder, because they are on the receiving end of the hydraulic pressure being generated for the brake system. When this generally occurs, the pads will wear over time because of this contact in which neither braking component is damaged. The only way the brake rotors and discs can be damaged is when the brake pads are worn out and not replaced on time. The brake pads are made out of a material that will turn to dust when they come in contact with the surface on the rotors, the backing plates they are mounted to are not. Backing plates made out of a metal just as hard as the Mitsubishi brake rotors and discs. This metal to metal contact not only cuts grooves into both surfaces but also generates a loud grinding noise that a driver can hear. When this is heard, it is too late to just replace the brake pads during your next brake job on your Mitsubishi. The damage to the brake rotors and discs becomes more severe as the brakes are applied when this metal to metal contact is being made. This situation also adversely affects the stopping potential of your Mitsubishi dramatically and a brake job should be conducted immediately. The damage to the rotors can be cut out by turning the rotors on a lathe or they might have to be replaced depending on the amount of damage inflicted on them.