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The Oldsmobile disc brake rotors are the location where friction is created so the wheels will stop turning. This friction comes from the contact of the brake pads against the smooth surface of the brake rotors. On an Oldsmobile, the brake rotors and discs are not only the place where the friction is generated to stop your vehicle, but in the wheel hub in the center of them are the wheel bearings. This brake part is also directly connected to the wheels. If the maintenance on the vehicle is kept up to date the brake rotors should last the lifetime of the Oldsmobile. The only way this brake component can be damaged is if the brake pads are allowed to wear out and the backing plate they are mounted to comes in contact with the flat surface of the disc brake rotor. When this occurs, a load grinding noise can be heard coming from the areas where the rotors are located when the brakes are being applied. This grinding noise is the metal to metal contact that will be cutting grooves into the flat surface of the Oldsmobile Brake Rotors and Discs damaging them. When this situation happens, the surface of the brake rotor will have to be made smooth again. This is accomplished with a lathe and is called turning the rotors. It makes the surface smooth again but also reduces the thickness of the rotor. This can only be done so much before the rotors will become too thin and be in need of replacing on your Oldsmobile. When the rotor is too thin, it can no longer dissipate the heat being generated from the friction. The braking system will then overheat; impairing its ability to stop the vehicle.