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The Pontiac disc brake rotors are attached directly to the wheel hubs so the slowing and stopping of the vehicle can be more easily accomplished. It is the flat disc-like surfaces on both sides of the brake rotors where the friction is created by contact with the brake pads that provides the stopping power for your Pontiac. The disc brake rotors are not only the location where the friction in the braking system is generated, but sometimes contain wheel bearings in the hub of the rotor. During each brake job when the brake pads are being replaced, these wheel bearings should also be removed and new grease applied in them. This is just another of the many periodic maintenance procedure that should be on every Pontiac owners schedule. Most of the Pontiac brake rotors last the lifetime of the vehicle. The only way these braking components can be damaged is if the owner of the vehicle does not keep up on the periodic maintenance recommended during the routine brake jobs. If this occurs, then the brake pads can be worn to the point that the backing plate they are mounted to will come in direct contact with the smooth surface of the brake rotors' disc. This will produce a loud metal to metal grinding noise when pressure is being applied to the brake system. It will also be cutting grooves into the smooth surface that will now be damaged. The brake rotor and disc surface on your Pontiac can be resurfaced with the use of a lathe, but then the rotor will be thinned and the dissipation of the heat generated in the braking action will be partially impaired.