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It is the Suzuki Brake Rotors and Discs that contact with the brake pads are made so your vehicle can be slowed and brought to a stop. From one angel the brake rotors and discs are shaped in a circular fashion. Perpendicular to this they are like a flat disc on your Suzuki.

The flat surface on the brake rotors and discs, when looking at it from the round side is the area where the disc brake pads make contact with it. These surfaces have to be flat and smooth so the wear of the pads is not only even but minimized during the braking action of the vehicle. If the brakes pads are permitted to wear out so all of the padding is gone, then the backing plate they are mounted too will come in contact with this flat surface. Since the backing plate is made out of the same type of metal as the brake rotors and discs, a grinding sound will be heard when it occurs damaging both braking components on your Suzuki.

The replacement of the Suzuki brake rotors and disc can be of two types. There are the models equipped with removable rotors from the wheel hubs in which they will be simply pulled off and replaced. There is a second type of which has a wheel hub that contains the wheel bearings in it. These bearings will have to be placed in the new brake rotors and discs before they are mounted on your Suzuki vehicle. Remember to pack the wheel bearings with fresh ball bearing grease independent of the type of rotors you have on your vehicle.