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Successor to the Buick Century after its retirement in 2005, the new LaCrosse entered the market with much success. Its standard and optional equipment offerings in three different trim levels were paired to two different V6 engines. In 2008, an LS4 V8 engine was added to the top trim level that increased power output to 300hp - a large number for a 4-door sedan that wasn't a luxury model. After a slump in 2008-09, the LaCrosse came back in a major way with a redesign in 2010. Buick LaCrosse parts were all new, the engines being offered were more powerful and efficient, and styling took a major leap forward. Buick also sought to increase their profile with taller drivers by hiring Shaquille O'Neal as the celebrity spokesman for the LaCrosse. Fun fact: Buick marketed the LaCrosse in Canada as the Allure, because "la crosse" in Quebecois means to swindle.