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If there was a car to get in 1963, it was the brand new limited edition Buick Riviera. Equipped with a powerful 401ci (or optional 425ci) V8 engine, this car was a real treat to drive. During the three years of the first generation, the vehicle design didn't change much. A few minor tweaks to the suspension, exterior styling, and power train were all that characterized the 63-65 Riviera. Sales exceeded 100,000 which made for one of the better-received debuts for a car model of that time. The following two generations continued the Riviera's tradition of success with respectable sales numbers and garnished a loyal following of enthusiasts throughout the country and abroad. Subsequent generations saw gradual downsizing of the vehicle, as well as placing more focus on amenities and comforts rather than performance. The eighth and final generation featured all new restyling and performance driven objectives using much higher quality Buick Riviera parts than the previous four generations had. Most notable was the supercharged 3.8L V6 equipped Riviera making 240hp. Fun fact: Only 40,000 units of the 1963 Buick Riviera were made for the debut model year, and they all sold out.