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Bumper End Cap

Aftermarket & OEM Bumper End Cap

Some exterior components on your car, truck, or SUV make a huge representation on its appearance and a prime example of this are bumper end caps. When these components are worn, damaged, or missing it detracts from the overall value of the vehicle. They serve a very important function in most applications making the bumper complete. They also prevent water and debris from accumulating on body panels and behind the bumper assembly. If not replaced in a timely manner severe rust issues may develop requiring extensive and costly repairs. Over time bumper end caps will lose that new appearance and replacing them is a very simple and inexpensive procedure that will enhance the overall appearance and value of the automobile.

Bumper end caps are an extension of the bumper assembly that accents the exterior of cars, trucks and SUV's. They are designed to create a smooth transition between the bumper and body panels in most applications. These components are constructed utilizing plastic or rubber materials or a combination to accomplish this task. In some designs they will also incorporate reflectors, side maker lights, and even turn signals. The most important function of these devices is that they facilitate the enclosure process that prevent the accumulation of water and debris that will create an environment for rust formation.