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Aftermarket & OEM Bumper Molding Trim

A mangled bumper molding or bumper trim does not only look bad on your vehicle, but exposes the bumper to any hard object your might come in contact with. This can occur when the bumper molding and bumper trim is already damaged from previous contact with another object and the next impact with a hard object will result in the bumper becoming damaged because the protective trim or molding is already damaged or missing. If the trim or molding is loose, it is advisable to remove it so it does not flap in the wind as your vehicle is moving down the road.

The bumper molding and bumper trim are made from a long lasting polymer that is semi soft but stiff so it will maintain its form when on your vehicle. A majority of the molding and trim pieces are held in place with mounting studs located in them with a nut attached that can be accessed from the rear of the bumper. If the bumper was damaged with the contact that damaged the bumper molding and bumper trim, it can be reshaped or knocked out with the use of a hammer in many instances but not always.

To remove the old bumper molding and bumper trim requires the use of a socket with an extension on it so you can reach the mounting nut in the rear side of the bumper. Once removed the surface area on the bumper should be inspected for damage and cleaned of any debris that might be present. If the bumper is chrome, cleaner should be used to place a protective film over it. If the bumper is a polymer, waxing it should be completed before the new bumper molding and bumper trim is attached.